Wineries & Participants

Beltane Ranch

  • Alexa Wood, Proprietor
  • Bob the Steer, Former Steak Meat

Casa Piena

  • Carmen Policy, Owner; Former President of San Francisco 49ers and Cleveland Browns

Ceja Vineyards

  • Amelia Ceja, Owner Ceja Vineyards; Chef

Century Oak Winery

  • Adam Housley, national news correspondent; President, Century Oak Winery
  • Tamera Mowry-Housley, actress, “Sister, Sister” & “Tia and Tamera”

De La Montanya Winery

  • David Coverdale, Leader singer of Deep Purple and Whitesnake; Whitesnake Wines proprietor
  • Dennis De La Montanya, owner and vintner, DLM Wines
  • Jared Kline, tasting room manager
  • Jonathan Cain,  Songwriter and keyboardist for Journey; Finale Wines vintner
  • Tami Collins, winemaker

Hall Winery

  • Kathryn Hall, Former U.S. Ambassador to Austria; Vintner

Kelly & Jones

  • Kelly Jones, Scent Sommelier

Maroon Wines

  • Paul Maroon, Medical technology executive; Owner, Maroon Wines

Mountain View Winery

  • Angelo Pera, Owner/Partner
  • Jeff Strohm, Partner

Vermeil Wines

  • Coach Dick Vermeil, Former NFL coach for Philadelphia Eagles, St. Louis Rams, and Kansas City Chiefs; Owner, Vermeil Wines
  • Paul Smith, winemaker